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Falwell fondly remembered in So. Georgia

May 15, 2007

Dougherty County  --  One of this nation's most prominent TV evangelists is dead. Jerry Falwell died this afternoon at the age of 73.

Falwell, who originally opposed mixing preaching with politics, founded the Moral Majority in 1979, then went on to become one of the most outspoken religious leaders of our time.

Sherwood Christian Academy Headmaster Dr. Glen Schultz keeps a picture of Jerry Falwell in his office. Dr. Schultz said, "He was quite an example to me."

Schultz worked for Falwell at the Liberty Christian Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia for 16 years, first as a teacher and then school superintendent. 

In a sermon, Falwell preached: "I believe that all of us have legions of angels assigned by God to minister to us.  Protect us, take care of us."

Schultz described Falwell as his pastor, boss, mentor, and friend. "He was one who had a heart for people. Most people see him in a different light, but he cared about people immensely."

Jerry Falwell started a small church in 1956, but became famous with his "Old Time Gospel Hour" television shows that were carried across the nation. He became the face and voice for a political movement of conservative voters demanding Christian values in Washington.

Schultz said, "I know the Moral Majority was a lightning rod, but someone had to stand up for some Biblical morality.  He has always done that.  And he was never ashamed of it."

Schultz said Falwell made enemies in politics, but was always respected for his stand.  "I think he will go down as a person who definitely loved God, and loved his family, and loved his country."

Schultz said Falwell's legacy will be Liberty University, which he started, and now  has 21,000 students.

Jerry Falwell is being eulogized by other Christian leaders. The Reverend Pat Robertson calls Falwell "a tower of strength on many of the moral issues that have confronted our nation."

Falwell spoke in Albany at least twice. Sherwood Baptist Church Minister Dr. Michael Catt says Falwell will also be remembered for leading Christians on the political front with the Moral Majority.

"He was one of the forerunners of Christians being aware that they needed to be engaged in the political culture. They did not need to withdraw from culture. They needed to know what was going on," Dr. Michael Catt said.

Jerry Falwell was among the first evangelists to us television to expand his ministry

The Reverend Falwell was found unconscious at his University Hospital. His Doctor says Falwell had been treated for heart problems.

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