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Residents are glad to know teen is arrested

May 15, 2007

Albany --  An Albany teenager is charged with more than two dozen burglaries in two weeks. Police hope his arrest will end the rash of break-ins on the city's eastside.  

Eva Griffin has lived in the Cromartie Beach neighborhood for almost 30 years. "There's not a lot of activity.  You can let your kids go out and play," she says.

She says there have been times when teenagers caused a few problems. "When I see guys standing on the corner, it does cross my mind." But she wasn't aware of the recent burglaries in the area.  Now, she'll keep her eyes wide open. "Makes me aware that I need to be more aware of my surroundings everyday."

"Over the past two weeks, there's been an increase in burglaries on the East side of the city." But Police Chief James Younger expects those burglaries to stop or at least decrease drastically, with the arrest of a 15-year-old. "I do believe on the Eastside of the city, we'll see crime go down, particularly in terms of burglaries."

He says the one teen may be responsible for as many as 26 cases, and there are other teens who may have been in on the action. "Unfortunately juveniles are involved in a very high percentage of crimes, including burglaries."

But Eva is just glad that one law breaker is off the streets, hers in particular. "If that person is the person that has done this crime, then it's good to know that that person is no longer on the street to do it to somebody else."

So she can continue to live in peace in the neighborhood she's always loved. Police are looking for three more teenagers in recent burglaries at Lakewood Homes and Woodland Heights neighborhoods.

Any time you see suspicious activity, call Crime Stoppers at 436-TIPS.


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