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A witness and police officer recall mall shooting

May 14, 2007

Albany--Police continue to search for answers in last week's deadly mall shooting.

We now have more answers as to how the suspect, 24-year-old Quantravius Upshaw, was caught.

News 10 interviewed a witness who spoke to the gunman face to face just moments after the shooting and to the officer who caught him.

It's business as usual at the Westover Express Car Wash. Just a few days before, it was quite a different story.

"It was a scary situation," says car wash general manager, OJ Wallace.

Wallace was working when 24-year old Quantravious Upshaw fled to the car wash after he shot 41-year old Terence Bowen in the chest outside the entrance of JC Penney.

"He was like in shock. He tried to rob me again, that was the first thing that came out of his mouth," says Wallace.

Once Upshaw got over to the car wash, he went inside this office and sat in this chair and said nothing for several minutes.

 "I said 'Man, you don't look like yourself. What's the matter?' He was just quiet and looking dazed," says Wallace.

Rookie police officer Brandi Chester was first on the scene.

"I just asked him to come out and talk to me for a minute. I just asked him if he was okay, what was going on," says Chester.

Upshaw's suspicious behavior as he ran from the mall got her attention right away as she, herself, left the mall for work.

"I saw a gentleman running, so it kind of sparked my interest. I slowed down and watched where he was running," says Chester.

Nearly a dozen officers arrived at the car wash not long after Chester.

"The cops came, and it was chaos after that," says Wallace.

They later arrested Upshaw--who ironically visited the carwash frequently.

"He wasn't himself. He's usually a happy, smiley guy, joking around. But that day, he was so serious and scary," says Wallace.

And even four days after that deadly shooting, employees remain in shock.

"It's supposed to be safer than that around here," says Wallace.

Upshaw remains behind bars without bond charged with Bowen's murder.

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