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Peanuts Infield Ready To Lead

May 14, 2007

Albany -- The South Georgia Peanuts will play their first-ever game in the South Coast League in just a few days, and the team is still trying to figure out who-plays-where.

The Peanuts have a major asset in the infield, as all of the players can play multiple positions.

Infielder Johnny Washington says their versatility will be a big advantage.

"We all can play pretty good up the middle," says Washington. "Play a little 3rd base. And if you need an AB, we can float around to 1st base and help out Brandon Woolard."

Steve Butler says, "We're strong. We'll be able to pick it a little bit. We'll be able to throw the ball around and have some fun."

The South Georgia Peanuts are a brand-new team in a brand-new league, and face all the uncertainties that surround a young franchise.

The Peanuts will rely heavily on the experience players have gained from outside the organization.

The versatile infield should be a great source of knowledge and leadership, with Washington spending time with the Texas Rangers organization, and Butler getting his start with the St. Paul Saints.

"I was able to play with a lot of veterans, which is the difference from this league," says Butler. "I had guys that played in the big leagues that I played with, and they were a lot of help. I've taken a lot of what they said, just on a day-to-day approach, and put it to my game."

Washington adds, "Physically, I think everybody has the ability to play at the next level. The mental game is where I feel me and a few of the other veterans who have played will step in and help out this team. We'll bring a winning attitude, keep it loose, and have fun."

The South Georgia Peanuts open their season Friday on the road at Charlotte County.


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