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Will gas-out work?

May 15, 2007

Albany -- E-mails circulating around the internet are calling for a nationwide "gas out" tomorrow. According to the E-mail, if all 73 million internet users in America did not pump gas tomorrow, May 15th, it would take almost $3 billion out of the oil companies pockets.

We spoke to some people at the pumps that weren't exactly buying into the hype.

"I don't think it would help any. If everyone would try I mean gas price might go down to the normal $2.50 but it's still going to be too high," says Larry Taylor.

According to Donna Cagle, "it all depends on how many people get involved you know for any of it to make a difference. But no, I don't think it will work."

Ironically, the call for the boycott comes just one day after if it was announced that gasoline prices had reached an all time high. According to Triple A, the national average for regular unleaded is three dollars and seven cents a gallon.

Most consumers agree though, even if you don't purchase gas on May 15th, you will eventually have to buy it sooner or later.

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