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Special Mother's Day for Albany family

May 13, 2007

Albany - - This Mother's Day is a special one for one Albany family. A 44 year old grandmother of two is now playing the role of mother all over again after her 21 year old daughter died just a month ago.

It left her with the huge responsibility of taking care of 2 grandchildren, a 2 year old and a newborn with a serious health condition. The situation isn't stopping the family from demonstrating the love of the holiday.

A heart-felt hug from mother to daughter never meant so much.

"Give your mother a flower. Lay it right here. Say 'Happy Mother's Day Mommy'," 44 year old Wolaya Gondo tells her grandchildren while visiting the cemetery.

"This is your first Mothers Day without your mom but Grandma is here to take care of you guys ok?" she assures them.

Gondo's daughter Michelle died this time one month ago after giving birth to little Tamia. Michelle also left behind the two year old they affectionately call T.T.

"Going out to the cemetery, spending time with my daughter. That was important to me."

On this Mother's Day, there never is true closure, yet the essential duty of being grandmother now means much more.

"It's been 10 years since I've had to get up in the middle of the night, 10 years since I've had to figure out what these little people are really saying when they're in their own little world."

Gondo had to quit her job as a manager at Miller Brewing Company. Little Tamia is back and forth from the operation room, as doctors try to fix a rare intestinal problem.

Gondo's 14 year-old daughter moved from Alaska to be with her mother during this difficult time. The situation has brought them closer.

"Yeah I think so. Being here with her helping her out. Just being here," says Ameenah Gondo.

If not for the love of each other, they do it for Michele who would've had it no other way.

"My daughter and I, we were totally inseparable."

Now Gondo shares that same love with them.

"This is motherhood all over again."

Even though death put them here, Gondo believes God knew just what he was doing.

"He took my one but yet he gave me two. Two beautiful gorgeous granddaughters."

And a love strengthened only by the memories of one they all loved.

"Blessed. I really do. I feel blessed."

Because being a mother again, on this day, is just what Gondo was called to do.

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