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Wildcats Move The Chains Against Florida

May 13, 2007

Albany -- The South Georgia Wildcats are in first place in the AF2 National Conference South Division.

The Cats have a 2-1 conference record after Saturday's 49-38 win over Florida.

Win #4 is a milestone for South Georgia, as it's the first time the team has reached the mark in Albany.

The South Georgia offense is known for its big play ability, with quarterback D. Bryant routinely tossing touchdown passes from the shadow of his own endzone.

The Wildcats offense had a different look against Florida Saturday, using mostly short, quick throws for an eleven point win.

Chavis McCollister led the way with 16 receptions for 178 yards and two scores.

"We just came out and took what they gave," says McCollister. "Short passes on down the field."

Cats head coach Derek Stingley used the exact opposite strategy against the Firecats offense, taking away the options underneath, and forcing Florida to try for the home run.

Stingley says, "I wanted them to throw the big play, because big plays are not always right there for them. It's not a high percentage. So they had to make the big play, the tough catch."

The Firecats would cut a 20-point lead to just four late in the 4th, and Stingley admits he was a little nervous.

"My stomach was turning a little bit, but my guys played hard, they hung in there," says Stingley. "We made the play when we needed to make the play."

The Wildcats now look for their first road win of the year, as they travel to face Arkansas.

McCollister says, "We just to to focus, really. Go down there as if it's our hometown we're playing in, and get the job done the same way as when we're playing at home."

Stingley adds, "We're about to play a team we've had some success against, so hopefully we can carry that over with some confidence, the way we took them out in week one."

South Georgia beat the Twisters 47-31 the first week of the season.

The game against Arkansas kicks off Sunday at 4pm.

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