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Stamping out hunger

May 12, 2007

Albany - - Many of you have put your own selfishness aside, to focus on those who are less fortunate. 

Saturday, postal workers collected tons of items for the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

They picked up the items you put out by your mailboxes.

The food donated will go to 12 organizations in Southwest Georgia that will then distribute them to people who need them.  

"It's mostly stuff that's non-perishable. We get a lot of glass stuff, and we get a lot of stuff that people just like giving away. Everybody loves chili," Postal worker Paul Williams says as pointing to a can of chili.

Last year, the post office collected 20,000 pounds of food. They're hoping to beat that goal this year.

Monday, they will know for sure just how much people like you donated towards this cause.


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