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Killing is first in Mall's history

May 11, 2007

Albany -- Frantic calls came from people around the Albany Mall, many of them shoppers on their lunch breaks. Some people told us they were headed to the mall when they heard about the shooting and didn't go.

But with Mother's Day coming up, people are out shopping and things will likely be back to normal at the Albany Mall.

Ella Grier says she had a hard time coming back to work at the Albany Mall today.  "Yes, because you don't expect something like that to happen here," said Grier.

As she drove back from her lunch break yesterday, she saw the body of Terence Melvin Bowen being covered by paramedics. "Just the idea, that something can actually happen here.  It was really up close and personal."

Nevertheless, the mall was packed with shoppers today, including Ashley Preston. "I was just nervous and shook up about it, actually I was nervous to come out here today," said Preston.

But Robin Raiford, VP of Management and Marketing for the parent company of the Albany Mall, says while yesterday's shooting was tragic, this facility is safe.

"We have a 30 year history of providing a safe shopping community for our customers.  We work with Albany police to provide a comfortable environment," said Raiford.

And she says the mall has a security program, so if customers see something suspicious, they should alert a security guard. "There are unpredictable events that happen," said Raiford, "And we like all those in the city of Albany, we hope those events don't happen."

Ashley Preston says she does feel a little more secure, knowing that the shooter isn't on the lose. "Now he's behind bars and it makes it a safer place."

A place she'll keep coming back to. "I love the Albany Mall."

A mall with a good history, hoping for a safe and secure future.  The Albany Mall opened in 1976 and this is the first time there's been a murder on mall property.


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