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Albany Fire Department changing lights

May 11, 2007

Albany-- The Albany Fire Department is getting through busy traffic lights a lot easier and quicker. A new system that helps change traffic lights before fire trucks get to them is making it all possible.

When seconds count in an emergency, it is critical for firefighters to have a fast response. Being able to control traffic lights at busy intersections is a big help.

"What the system does, is it changes the traffic signal to green for oncoming emergency vehicles  for the intersections that are equipped, and the vehicles that are equipped"said Chris Holloway, with Temple Incorporated.

Today a test revealed that even heavy traffic along Westover Boulevard was no match for the new system.  As you see this fire truck swiftly and safely cleared the intersection, a benefit its installers say will help the community.

"What that does overall for the community is it reduces response times and increases safety at intersections"said Holloway.

Ten Albany intersections, and ten Albany fire engines are now equipped with the devices that can even pick up the fire engines turn single to produce a green arrow ahead of the trucks arrival.



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