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HS Football Recruiting Fair in Tifton

May 11, 2007

Tifton -- Football recruiting is always an expensive, time consuming process for colleges, but a group in Tifton is looking to make the process a little easier.

National Athlete is holding a recruiting fair Saturday at the UGA Tifton Campus conference center.

The fair brings large numbers of high school coaches and college recruiters together in one place, allowing the recruiters to gather a lot of information at one time.

The recruiting fair is the first of its kind in South Georgia.

Emmett Bowers of National Athlete says, "These have become extremely popular for the Division II schools and down, that don't have big budgets."

Erick Willis adds, "We feel like we're the crème de la crème of high school football in South Georgia, so if they want to look at some good players and talk to some good coaches, this is the place to be."

National Athlete is a free recruiting system supplying information to college recruiters.

Parents or coaches interested in signing up and showcasing their athletes can find more information at www.nationalathlete.com  

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