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Family of eight loses home to fire

May 11, 2007

Ray City - Joanne Sholan lives were her fiance, four small children, and two grandchildren.  They were watching American Idol Tuesday night when suddenly, "My eight year-old son who is truly a hero came in and yelled fire," says Joanne Sholan.

But there was little the family of eight could do to get the fire out.  "By the time we could get the fire extinguisher that my son brought me it was out of control.  I just went up."

Flames quickly engulfed the home and destroyed everything they own.  Even the family's dog died.

But they're still counting their blessings.  "That's just a house.  The stuff is just stuff.  You know, we got everything we need.  We've got our family.  We got everyone out and that's the most important thing."

Their optimism in a time of tragedy has inspired the community, and the police department is now collecting donations to help get the family back on their feet  and begin the road to recovery.

Anyone wishing to donate can bring all items to Ray City's City Hall. 

Investors are still looking into what caused the fire but believe it could have been accidentally started by one of the small children.  Their children and live-in grandchildren range 11 months to eight years old.

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