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Board of Realtors deliver the "American Dream"

May 10, 2007

Albany - An Albany homeowner is getting a home makeover, thanks to the Albany Board of Realtors.

Five years ago, a car crashed into the side of Claudia Smith's home. She couldn't afford to repair it, so she simply covered the hole with particle board. The Christmas in April committee, as well as the Albany Board of Realtors pulled together to repair her home this week. She said, "I'm so thankful and very grateful for everyone coming out and participating and doing the job, and they are doing such a wonderful job."

Realtor Judith Hampton Thompson said, "It really makes us feel good and as Realtors, we're just excited that we can do it."

Hank Young's construction company provided free labor and material for the home repairs. The house will also receive a fresh coat of paint. Work should be complete tomorrow evening.



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