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Murder at the Mall

Quantravious Lanier Upshaw (Source: Dougherty County Jail) Quantravious Lanier Upshaw (Source: Dougherty County Jail)

May 10, 2007

Albany --  A man was gunned down just outside an entrance to J. C. Penney.
A young black man was shot in the chest and killed on the sidewalk outside the west entrance to Penney's at 1:30 this afternoon.

Moments later, Quantravious Lanier Upshaw, 24, was taken into custody. He was across the street from Penney's at the Westover Car Wash.

The victim's name is being withheld pending the notification of relatives.

Albany Police sent a press release stating that the suspect and victim may have known each other, and the shooting happened after a confrontation and fight. The body of the dead man will be sent to the Moultrie Crime Lab for an autopsy.

As shoppers watched in horror, police roped off the area with crime scene tape,  covered the dead man with a sheet and 50 minutes later, paramedics put him inside a body bag and into an ambulance. Firefighters then washed blood off the sidewalk outside Penney's.

It was around 1:45 Thursday afternoon when the Albany Mall parking lot near a west entrance to JC Penney turned chaotic. APD Lt. Kenn Singleton says, "From the preliminaries that we have right now, supposedly there were two individuals involved, one person was shot."

Upshaw apparently jumped into a white Cadillac and rode across the street behind the mall to the Westover Car Wash. Moments later, he was taken into police custody. 

Dougherty County Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards told us, "My understanding is that the officer was able to catch him very quickly."  Was it a foot chase?  "There was a foot chase."

"Right now we do have the possible shooter in custody," Singleton said.

Inside the glove box of that White Cadillac, police found a 9 millimeter pistol with a spent shell casing. Police also searched garbage cans at the car wash and were holding a book as evidence. 

But just what happened outside the Penney's entrance is unclear.

"It's too early to tell whether there was any gang involvement, but there has been some indication that  these individuals knew each other that's the preliminary indication we have right now," Edwards said.

They're also trying to determine whether more people might be involved.

"At this point in time all we know is two individuals were involved in it right now it could be more persons but we're not sure right now, like I said, we're still trying to iron out all the facts," Singleton said.

Before today's mall shooting, there had been three murders in Albany this year. Albany Police have arrested suspects in all of them.

  • On March 14th, former paramedic Jack Camp was gunned down outside his east Albany apartment. Police say he interrupted a drug deal. They arrested two suspects.

  • On April 23rd, 21-year old Demetrius Vicks was shot during a fight across the street from his Mulberry Avenue home. Two men are charged with his murder.

  • And on April 28th, 64-year old George Ponder was killed in his home on Shirley Avenue in east Albany. His throat was slit. Police arrested his step-nephew.


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