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Mall murder shatters quiet afternoon

May 10, 2007

Albany  --  A murder at the Albany Mall this afternoon. A man was shot and killed outside the west entrance to JC Penney's. It happened at 1:30. Moments later, police took a man into custody behind the mall at the Touch Free carwash on Westover Road.

Police won't tell us anything, but witnesses are offering information.

WALB News 10 talked with the sister of the shooter. She says her brother was coming out of the mall and was jumped by two men who tried to rob him.  She says he shot and killed one of them and the other one ran off. She also says the one who ran off was picked up moments later at that car wash.

Police have NOT confirmed this, but apparently that's what the is telling them.

WALB News 10 has several crews on the scene and we will keep you updated throughout the afternoon.