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Academic changes are coming

May 9, 2007
by Cade Fowler

Albany -- If you are a freshmen entering a Georgia high school in 2008, you may find a more challenging course load in place.

Current revisions to toughen graduation standards could go into affect if the Georgia Board of Education approves a plan to change not only curriculum standards, but diploma paths as well.

Currently graduates of Georgia Public High Schools earn diplomas with endorsements and seals. The new revisions would do away with this system, allowing all graduates to share the same curriculum standards.

While some fear this change would be unfair to "career path" or vocational students, Career/Technology/and Agricultural director Sandra Parker of the Lee County School System, does not see things this way

Parker, What we have to realize is the more academically prepared they are even if they're going to a technical college, the more opportunities they'll have.

Essentially the goal of this proposal is to ensure that all Georgia graduates are prepared to enter the global workforce an initiative that Parker believe will serve it's purpose.

Parker2 It's all about connection, and I just think that once they get that connection with academics and the technical of the academics of the real world of the career world they'll be fine."

The Georgia Board of Education will likely vote on this proposal either this summer or in the fall.


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