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Students prepare to be work ready

May 9, 2007

Cairo-- Cairo High School students are some of the first in the area to participate in Governor Sonny Perdue's Georgia Work Ready Program.  "How we deem an area as work ready is the knowledge level, experience level of a particular area," explains Pete Williams, Career Technical Director for Cairo High School and Grady County.

To get that information for Grady County, forty graduating seniors will take a computerized three part test.  "There's a math component, an information search component, and there's a reading comprehension component on this particular test," says Williams.

"When they take all three of these tests, they're scored, and based on their scores that qualifies them for specific jobs," adds Gary Pitts, Vice President of Economic Development for Southwest Georgia Technical College. 

The test is scored on a one to seven scale, with a passing grade of three.  So far Cairo High has tested half the students that will participate, all with passing grades. That puts the school on the right track to be certified as work ready.

"Any company that wants to come into this part of southwest Georgia, this part of Georgia can look at that and say hey, Grady county, or Cairo is deemed work ready," says Williams.  And that's exactly the goal of the program.

But, Pitts adds, "also it's a way for businesses in Georgia to improve on a competitive basis and have a way to select the most qualified employees for their jobs and their businesses."

By increasing economic development of the counties, future jobs might be created for the very students participating in the program. 

Thomas County Central, Thomasville High School and Mitchell county seniors will also soon participate.



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