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APD raids "shot houses"

May 9, 2007

Albany -- Cops busted three houses and arrested 14 people Sunday for illegally selling alcohol on Sundays. Police say this is just the start of an effort to wipe out those illegal Sunday sales.

Police seized cases of beer, gin, brandy, whiskey, even a plastic jug of moonshine, two trucks full, and it's just a part of what was confiscated at three shot houses in South and East Albany. APD Sgt. Bennie Wilson said, "This operation was called operation Buzz Buster."

Police said there were 50 to 60 people at each of the shot houses, when they served search warrants. Police say people had complained about the house on East Roosevelt, another just a couple of blocks away at East Tift, and one on Dervan Street. Inside the houses officers described several refrigerators and coolers full of beer, with liquor and food ready for sale.

Officers also found marijuana, and at one house a.357 Magnum that was reported stolen in a 1998 burglary. They say that combination of booze, guns, and drugs is why they want to shut down these shot houses.

APD Captain Mack Green said "You've got all kinds of people that's there. They are drinking alcohol, they are using drugs, and anything can happen at that time." Police say six people were arrested as operators of the shot houses, and eight customers were arrested for outstanding warrants.

Undercover cops bought liquor at the shot houses starting April 29th, and moved in last Sunday. But they say Operation Buzz Buster is just starting.  "For those of you out there watching, we are going to continue to do these operations, so be on the lookout," Wilson said.

Officers estimate the liquor seized is worth between three to four thousand dollars, and they seized $1,300 in cash. The people arrested were charged with misdemeanor sales of alcohol on Sunday."

All the liquor, beer and other items seized in Sunday's raids will be crushed at the landfill.  

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