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Doerun tower inches ever skyward

May 8, 2007
by Cade Fowler

Doerun --  WALB and WFXL's TV Mega Tower is reaching new heights.

You can now see it soaring 850 feet above the treetops from Highway 133 just outside Doerun. Workers have only 50 more feet of tower to install, then they'll attach the T-shaped arms with the antennas to round out the one-thousand foot Mega tower.

Winds this week have put a damper on the crews progress. "The tower moves a little bit, but mostly it's getting the pieces up there, the wind blows them over and they get caught on the guy wires on the way up, it's just a struggle, it hard to do stuff," said Derek Flynn of Radian, the company that is erecting the tower.

The antennas are set to arrive this week. The tower will hold four antennas, an analog and digital antenna for each station. Hopefully, the tower will be finished and on line next month.


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