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Trucks only lane hearings to be held in Georgia

May 8, 2007

Albany -- The Georgia Department of Transportation is considering building "trucks-only" lanes on the state's interstate highways and major roads. Most big rig drivers we talked to said they think it would be safer.

The Georgia DOT says it is studying putting in new lanes, not taking over existing lanes on the Interstates. DOT estimates that 940 million tons of freight was moved across Georgia highways in 2004, but in less than 30 years that number is expected to double.

Truckers we talked with had not heard about the proposal, but thought it was a great idea.

Hal Jones said "the road is so congested now, it would help to have the trucks stay in one lane." Glenn Moultrie said "it would give us a lane that excluded the rest of the traffic. Drivers that are going through town, they could easily proceed and don't have to stop with the traffic getting off the exit ramp."

The Georgia Department of Transportation will hold public meetings later this month to get input on their trucks only lane proposal.  Those meetings will be held in Dalton, Savannah, Macon, and Kennesaw.

The study is expected to be completed later this year.


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