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Worth classroom spices up learning

May 6, 2007

Sylvester- - The days of a blackboard, chalk, and a simple calculator for math class are long gone. At least in Worth County. 

Worth County Middle school is stepping up its technology to help students learn. The school will receive over $96,000 to start more 21st century learning environments. Those are classrooms that incorporate technology into every aspect of a lesson.

For instance, students can use remote controls to input their answers and the teacher controls the lesson using a handheld computer. Once every student types in his answer, the results appear on the teacher's screen.  

"They'll be able to take digital notes and submit those digital notes to teachers for grading electronically. Basically it allows students an opportunity to do work using technology and maybe make it a little more interesting for them," says teacher Jim McMickin.

The students will also get new projectors and laptops as part of the grant. Five additional 8th grade math classrooms will have the new technology next school year.

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