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South Georgia farmers feeling drought pinch

May 4, 2007

Mitchell County-- The extreme drought conditions in South Georgia have farmers struggling just to get crops in the ground. Mithcell County Irrigated fields are about the only ones where farmers can work the soil well enough to plant. 

Corn must be heavily irrigated to survive.  If the dry conditions aren't bad enough, the cost of irrigating has many farmers worried about this year's crops.

"it's hard to work the soil as dry as it is now. Our non-irrigated land, folks are just waiting for rain. They can't even get in, and work the soil up and get the crops planted. We are incurring greater costs because of this even before the crop is up. Folks are having to irrigate, then work the soil up, put the herbicides out, then water some more and then get the crop up. So a lot of additional expense is there" said Mitchell County Extension Director Brad Mitchell.

Some chances for rain are in the forecast, but many experts say the extreme drought conditions will likely persist, with only a small improvement expected in the near term.



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