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Family sues former teacher and school board

May 4, 2007

Sylvester - - A teacher sex scandal results in a lawsuit. The family of a Worth county student is suing the Worth County school system and the Board of Education. They say the school should have detected problems with then 24 year old teacher Georgianne Harrell and should have prevented her from having oral sex with their young son. 

The family of the former 3rd grader seeks damages from the school system and from Georgianne Harrell for money they spent on counseling and for pain and suffering.

The young Holley Elementary school teacher pleaded guilty last year to aggravated child molestation after charges she had oral sex with a student twice in her classroom. Now the family of that student, who we won't identify to protect their child, is suing Georgianne Harrell and the Worth County School system.

She's now serving a 25 year sentence in prison. Some parents say she's doing the time so cut the school board some slack.

"I think it may be too much," says Seppie Sims who has a 10 year old daughter.

Sims says people in the community need to put this case behind them.

"What she did, it's over with. They sentenced her. The school don't know what people are going to do."

But some parents feel differently.

"Yeah, sue them," says Danny Jones, parent of a 15 and 16 year old.

He says the school system should've caught these acts before they happened.

"Somebody should be paying attention to what's going on."

That's what the family claims in the lawsuit, citing Harrell allowed students to sit on her lap, allowed them to kiss her on the lips. The suit also says Harrell kept the victim's desk right next to hers, separate from the other students and allowed him to play under the teacher's desk.

Now the family is asking for a 12 person jury to hear the case.  Their attorney didn't want to appear on camera due to the sensitivity of this case.

We spoke with the Worth County School Interim Superintendent Jim McMickin. He too chose not to comment due to the litigation. Our calls to the School Board's attorney were not returned.


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