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Let me catch my breath!

May 4, 2007

Albany -- Sneezing, coughing, wheezing. If you're having trouble breathing lately, you're not alone.   You can put a lot of the blame on the weather.   Hospitals, allergy clinics, and pharmacies are dealing with a lot of folks having a lot of trouble with spring time respiratory problems.

It's not just you. It seems like almost everyone around South Georgia is dealing with the springtime blues.

"We've definitely seen an increase." Brett Ford, Respiratory Therapy Director for Palmyra Medical Centers says it's not all that surprising, though it is a bit unusual. "Some factors could be, obviously it's dry, pollen counts are high. We're breaking records for pollen counts."

In addition to the spring time pollen, our temperatures have also caused a problem. With high heat and very little rain, dust is stirred up into the air and straight into your lungs.

So once folks with problems leave the doctor, many of them come here, to Phillips Pharmacy hoping for some relief.

"Respiratory distress, having more difficulty breathing and it's only happened the last few days." Pharmacist Gary Phillips says he's seen more customers who have problems with asthma, needing to use inhalers, even oxygen.

"Certainly less humidity has to do with particles being lighter and they travel more with the winds."

So if you're really having trouble, you may want to consider this. "If you don't have to be outside, don't go outside," says Ford.

Or do so at your own risk.  Ford says it's important to keep up with your regular breathing treatments even when you aren't having problems to help prevent future trouble.

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