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School fights cause panic in Newton

May 3, 2007

Newton  --  Several bloody fights Thursday at Baker County School sent at least one student to the hospital.  The fights started before the school bell rang and caused an uproar among students. Parents rushed to the school to check on their children.       

Blood on 14-year-old Brandon Peterson's shirt tells the story of his morning. "He had a busted lip. He's still bleeding some and his nose is swollen." said his mother, Diana Hutchins.    

He was in the bathroom when students jumped him. "Somebody called my name and I turned around. They had hit me. Then somebody hit me in the back of the head and that's all I remember."     

He's one victim of four separate fights at Baker County School Thursday morning.  It caused an uproar. "They were jumping around, they were seeing who got beat up and everything," said student Jessica Figueroa.

Students left. When we asked why they weren't at school, one said, "Because I wasn't fixing to get shot."

Some parents weren't taking any chances. 20 of them came to the school and signed their children out for the day.

"We called up there because my grandson had his truck to ask them to release him and his sister and they wouldn't release them," said Barbara Grez.

So y'all went to get them? "We came to get them." When we arrived, the school's principal ensured us everything was under control. "We just took the students and secluded them in different areas and called their parents and waited for them to pick them up and then informed the authorities,"  said Principal Don Robinson.

Newton police expect to file charges, possibly against four students. Those charges include aggravated battery, assault, and disrupting a school facility.  This victim's mother doesn't know the motive of the fights, but wants to see an end to them soon. "He's still being threatened. What can I do?"  said Hutchins.   

Student Santarious Nelson was sent to Mitchell County Hospital.  He's been sent home.     The principal at the school says he plans to suspend the students involved.   


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