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Gangs keep citizens fearful

 May 3, 2007

Albany -- As police raided gang houses Thursday, people who lived nearby watched. For some, it confirmed what they already suspected;  for others, it was a shock to think that violent gang members lived on their street.    

"When I first moved to this neighborhood, it was quiet and peaceful," said the resident.

We can't show you this woman's face, or name her, because she fears for her life. "Oh yes, Lord.  Yes Ma'am it makes me scared, but all I can do is put my trust in the Lord."

 And pray that she won't be the next target of a senseless crime. "It makes me feel uneasy, it certainly does.  I don't go out too much at night and if I got anything to do in my yard or whatever, I try to do it before night and be inside."

Because out here, on the streets, more and more gang activity is showing up. 

Near her home, several houses were raided.  Search warrants issued to check for guns, drugs and other gang activity. "The only thing I heard down the street was the officer, he was banging so loud on the door saying, 'open the door man, I know you're in there.'"

And she says even with the raids, the gang problem isn't going away.  "Gangs are getting worse than they've ever been, and I feel like it's going to get worse.  I really do."

So she'll continue to pray and make sure her doors are locked when the sun sets. Other people we asked to interview on or off camera, turned us down, because they too, fear gang retaliation.


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