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Authorities raid suspected gang locations

May 3, 2007

Albany  --  Officers fanned out across the city this morning armed with search warrants raiding at least nine houses gathering evidence of gang activity.

The District Attorney says they have been gathering information for four weeks leading up to the massive raid operation, which began at 9:00AM. So far no arrests have been made in the raids.  Investigators say they were looking for evidence, and arrests could come later.

Sheriff's and Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Investigators and agents surrounded two homes in the 1400 and 1500 blocks of Gillespie Avenue.  Drug dogs sniffed inside and around the house, and the shed in the back yard.

One block away, investigators brought out a pistol grip shotgun for fingerprinting.

Chief Assistant D. A. Greg Edwards says they have tips that gang activity is going on in these homes. "We got information from gang members about potential contraband at these particular locations.  So we are utilizing that information we obtained search warrants based on information we gained from gang members."

Edwards said they are bringing all the seized items from the searches back to their operation headquarters, and see what they have found.  Then they will use that evidence to decide if there will be any people arrested for gang activity.



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