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Murder suspect's mother reacts to crime

May 2, 2007

Tifton - - An 18 year old murder suspect is in jail charged with killing and robbing 66-year-old Lorene Bozeman Sunday night in Tifton. Shurrod Rich was caught hiding in a motel room in Fitzgerald overnight. Police think his family may have helped him hide.

His mother called us asking to send a message to her son wanted for murder. "Shurrod, if you're looking and listening and you know in your heart you didn't do anything, you need to turn yourself in and stop running because you aint doing nothing but making it worse on yourself," says Latricia Whitehead, 18 year old Shurrod Rich's mother.

She held Rich's little son as she informed us how she didn't know where her son was or why he ran from police.

"I just want him to come home. And if he need me to go down there to the police station to turn himself in, that's what I'll do to clear his name."

Rich is one of three teenagers arrested in the shooting death of 66 year old Lorene Bozeman. Police say Rich along with the victim's great nephew 15 year old Layton Lester, went into Bozeman's home, shot her and took off with cash.

During Whitehead's plea for her son to return home, police stopped by to make an announcement.

"Before we go any further, last night at about 2 o'clock in the morning, we arrested Shurrod and Sean Ross," Sergeant. Ricky Day informed them.

The family appeared stunned. Then suddenly Whitehead realized she had an idea where her son may have been hiding.

"When Sean's mother came down here and told me he was in Fitzgerald, I went to go try to find him myself to get him to come turn himself in," she told Day.

Sergeant. Day then asked her why she never told police that information, especially after knowing police were looking for him.

Now fingers are pointing at Rich's own family to see if they knew more than they've said.

"What do you think the family's involvement may have been in this?" we asked Sergeant. Day.

"I'm not prepared to comment on that just yet. But sufficient to say there will be more arrests," Day told us.

"Possibly family members?" we asked.

Sergeant. Day nodded in the affirmative. In the midst of the chaos, Rich's little sister erupts in tears as police try to make sense of it all. '

When Shurrod Rich was arrested, there was another man with him, Sean Ross. Police indicate Ross is somehow connected to this crime.


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