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Waitress loses part of thumb to vicious dog

May 2, 2007

Albany -- An Albany Hooter's waitress is viciously attacked by a dog while at work.
Ashley Lewis thought she was doing a good deed-- giving water to a dog that had been tied up to a trailer in the parking lot. But then she lost part of a finger when the dog turned on her.

Nineteen-year old Ashley Lewis says she was shocked more than anything when the Akita viciously attacked as she was trying to give it water.

The dog chomped down on her arm, then took off part of her thumb. "It happened so fast," she said. "He bit some of the bone off too."

But she says the biggest surprise was that police allowed the owner, Tony Lewis of Dawson, to take the dog home. "They came up here and the dog was still up here, but they didn't take it," she said.

Assistant City Manager Wes Smith says if the dog's owner is present at the time of an attack and has the dog in his control, he is allowed to take the dog home, but is also informed that the animal must be quarantined and tested for rabies at the owners expense.

But Ashley is looking at her own expenses. "Hospital bills are going to be expensive."

Part of her thumb was reattached during her five-hour hospital visit. She's learned a lesson, to stay away from dogs, and hopes the owner will keep his dog away from her.

The dog's owner brought the animal to Albany this afternoon to be tested and quarantined.
Ashley Lewis goes back to the doctor Thursday for a checkup.
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