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Dude, where's her car???

May 2, 2007

Albany -- An Albany woman wants to know why it took eight and a half months for her to find out that her stolen car was sitting in a tow company yard.  Now she has to pay a big storage bill before she can get her car back.

Valencia Dye's Kia is in the back yard of A-1 Wrecker in Albany. Weeds have grown up around it, because it has been sitting there since July 20th. The wrecker company called her last week to ask why she had not picked it up. They also told her she owed two thousand dollars for storage costs.

Dye's husband stole the car July 17th, and traded it for drugs. "I called the police and they came out on the 18th, and discussed what happened, and so they were going to put out a search for the car at the time, but I was going to have to go down and fill out a report. And I did on the 21st," Dye said.

But by that time her car had already been impounded.

Someone driving Dye's car jumped out of it and ran from Albany Dougherty Drug Unit officers July 20th, and drug agents had it towed to A-1's yard, with an order not to release it to the owner. That's ADDU policy, to find out why they ran from cops before they get their car back.

Dye's husband was arrested July 25th, and charged with larceny. Dye said she called Police several times to ask about her car, but was told it was still missing.

On April 23rd A-1 went through their lot trying to clear out some cars, and called police to ask why the car was still there, then they called Dye to ask why her car was there. Now she is wondering how her stolen car got forgotten. "I'm trusting that they are going to do their job. I called them and I feel like they were actually looking for my car. But that doesn't seem to be the case."

APD Investigators say everyday people run from their cars and then report them stolen, but they are looking into why Dye was not notified about her car. A-1 Wrecker has dropped their storage fee to only $300, but Dye says she thinks Albany Police should pay it since she was the crime victim. Meanwhile her car sits in the storage yard, where it has been for over eight months.

Dye divorced her husband and bought another car, but she would still like Albany Police explain why she was not notified earlier about her stolen car.

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