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Watch for traveler's check con game

May 2, 2007

Lee County --  We've got a warning about an organized counterfeiting gang that's passing phony travelers checks in South Georgia.

Dougherty County Police and Lee County Sheriff's investigators say business owners need to watch out, or they could lose thousands of dollars.

A counterfeit check is an exact copy of a VISA Traveler's Check for $500, with real serial numbers, but the telephone verification number has been left off.

Someone tried to cash several of them at the Colony Bank in Lee County this week.  She told Police that someone paid her in travelers checks for work she did with them. Investigators traced a path of these counterfeit travelers checks across the Southeast United States to the Albany metro area.

"They have started out in North Carolina, made their way through North Georgia, and now they are down in South Georgia," said Dougherty County Police Detective C. Cleveland. "They have been being passed in surrounding counties, and we want the citizens and business people in the community to know these checks are counterfeit.  And they will probably be coming in to their businesses trying to cash them."

The counterfeit checks say VISA on them, and they are for $500.  Investigators say if someone tries to get you to cash them, call the Lee County Sheriff or Dougherty County Police.


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