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Cop shares his DUI victim experience

Sergeant Reginald Brown Sergeant Reginald Brown

May 1, 2007

Albany --  Police Officers say this is a dangerous time of the year for DUI or impaired drivers, with school winding down and spring parties becoming more frequent.

One officer knows the pain and harm drunk driving can cause personally, because he is still recovering after being hit by a suspected drunk driver.

Sergeant Reginald Brown still walks with a limp, almost six months after the crash. "And to this day I still have some pain in my left hip," he says.

Somehow Brown survived the October 4th crash on Turner Field Road that left his patrol car smashed. "While in route to the robbery, a driver made a left turn in front of me, and hit me head on."

26-year-old Montoya Davis, the driver of the other car that hit Officer Brown, was charged with DUI. Brown suffered very serious injuries. "I was in the hospital two weeks. I had some internal bleeding, messed up my left hip."

Fellow officers at the crash say he narrowly missed more serious injuries. Sgt. Tony Moore said "Sgt. Brown's vehicle, it just so happened he missed a large tree that's right there at the entrance of that school."

Sgt. Brown is still on light duty, not able to return to his regular work because of his injuries, and admits it is hard for him to talk about the crash still today.  "I try not to think about it, even though it has altered my lifestyle."

But Brown and his fellow Albany Police Officers want you to remember that if you drive drunk, you are endangering others.

Moore said, "It puts a lot of people at risk, not only the drivers involved, but it puts the community at risk."

Police say that the warm weather brings on increased parties, especially for students graduating or returning home from school. Brown still struggles with the pain from being a DUI victim himself, and remains dedicated to stopping impaired drivers before they can hurt others.

"not only did he put himself at risk, but he put myself and the others as well at risk. I think if you are going to drink, you don't need to drive at all," Brown said.

An important message that Brown says he hopes others never have to experience.

The driver involved in the crash with Sgt. Brown, Montoya Davis, is scheduled to go on trial for DUI, driving with a suspended license, and several other traffic violations May 7th.


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