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Property re-evaluations nearing completion

April 30, 2007

Albany --   If you own property in Dougherty County, you may be in for a very big shock. Property Revaluations are wrapping up, and owners will soon receive a notice on the new tax value of their property. For some, it will be a substantial increase-- as some properties haven't been evaluated in 60 years.

For 18 months now, property revaluations have been taking place on each piece of property in Dougherty County.   Tax Director Denver Hooten said, "This re-val is to make it equitable to all taxpayers and to bring all properties to fair market value."

But some of the valuations may not seem very fair at all. That's because it's been years since a revaluation was completed. "Just about all of the areas have increased some," said project supervisor Luther Nicholson.

The East side of Dougherty county is the area with the smallest amount of increases, but some parts of the county will see huge increases property owners probably weren't expecting.  

The folks who may get the biggest shock are land owners with a lot of property, like farm land, which may have once been valued around $150 will jump to around $1,500 an acre. "Rural land is one of the items that has not been addressed as much as the other items," said Nicholson.

Now, those evaluations are wrapping up and soon, you'll know just what your property is worth. "We're just bringing them up to fair market value to where they are now," said Hooten.

But if you don't think your revaluation is fair, you can always appeal it. Nicholson said, "If there's a problem, we want to correct it."

You have 45 days from the date of the notice to file an appeal. Just because your property value goes up doesn't mean your taxes will. The city, county and school board set the millage rate and they could roll it back to offset the higher property values.  


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