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Fires are drying up the blood supply

April 30, 2007

Albany --  The wildfires in Ware County are also having an affect on blood donations across south Georgia.

Three blood drives had to be canceled in the last two weeks because of the wildfires raging in Ware County. Because those donations were lost the American Red Cross Blood Bank in Albany is calling on all eligible donors to give blood to help make up the deficit.

"We have to get in an average of 1,200 units a day, and with the fires we're canceling drives in that area and because those drives have been canceled, our projected numbers are not being met," said ARC Donor Recruitment Rep. Andrea Tatum.

Each day a drive is canceled, the blood bank estimates they lose 250 units. and now those units must be made up. The American Red Cross is also calling on organization to schedule a blood drive, they say no drives are scheduled for the beginning of May.

You can donate at the blood bank itself, Monday through Wednesday, 10AM to 7PM, and Thursday through Saturday, 8AM to 2PM.

The Southern Region must collect 1,200 pints of blood per day to supply 130 hospitals. If you are healthy, weight at least 110 pounds, and are at least 17, you can give blood every 56 days.


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