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HEAT Officer crash investigation could take months

April 26, 2007

Albany -- The Georgia State Patrol says it could be six months before they conclude their investigation into a fatal crash involving a Dougherty County Police Officer.

The officer, Jeremiah Fenn, is continuing to work on administrative duty. The crash happened April 3rd on Interstate 16 in Candler County near Metter as Officer Fenn traveled to Savannah in his HEAT patrol car to help in a State crackdown on dangerous driving.

 Troopers say Fenn was distracted by looking at his police computer, and ran into the back of a trailer being towed by an SUV.

The crash forced the SUV to roll over, throwing the passenger, Milton Wilcox, out of the vehicle, killing him. The driver, William Wilcox, was seriously injured. He was hospitalized for several weeks at a Savannah Hospital, but has been released. Fenn was not injured.

The Special Investigation unit of the Georgia State Patrol told Dougherty Police Chief Don Cheek it could be at least six months before their final report is finished. Cheek says Fenn will stay on administrative duty until it is concluded. 

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