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Georgia seeking to contact inactive voters

April 26, 2007

Albany-- If it's been a few years since you voted, Georgia election officials want to hear from you. Dougherty County election officials mailed out nearly 37-hundred notices to people who haven't voted in at least three years.  Only 265 of those people confirmed their addresses. 

1,300 notices were returned as undeliverable.  1,500 got no response.   Elections supervisor Carolyn Hatcher says it is important for voters to notify the election office of a change in address.

"People need to let the elections office know when they have moved, immediately upon moving. It has to be done thirty days before an election for them to be put in the proper districts. Its up to the voter to call the elections office in their county and the elections people they have moved and give them another change of address" said elections supervisor Carolyn Hatcher.

 Voters have until thirty days prior to an election to register to vote or make a name or address changes. The upcoming election will be held November 7th, leaving voters until October 8th to register or make changes.