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Victims of violent crime honored

April 26, 2007

Bainbridge-- Bells chimed in the town square, deputies flashed their lights, and people donned orange and blue ribbons. 

Sheriff Wiley Griffin asked for a moment to remember the victims of violent crime.  "Some of the crimes against victims.  Especially dealing with domestic violence, just don't think they have anybody that cares, and we do care," he said.

Thursday's ceremony isn't just about memorializing- it's about prevention and awareness.  "And to get people to realized that there is no shame in coming forward because what has happened to you, happened because somebody else made a bad choice that hurt you," added Stephen Webb, chaplain to the Decatur County Sheriff's Office.

"We want them to come forward.  We can help them and protect them.  But we can't help them and protect them if they don't come forward," said Griffin.

The Sheriff says their job is more than just putting away the bad guy.  "We deal with criminals everyday but law enforcement and our judicial system are very aware how devastating this is to a family," he said.

In the aftermath of a crime, the chaplain for the Sheriff's office offers counseling to victims and their families.  "In that process, there needs to be healing to bring about that wholeness for you, that can come through the victim assistance," Webb explains.

Locally or nationwide, every victim of every crime has rights. The goal of this week is to make sure they know, there will always be people there to help.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a violent crime and needs help, contact your local law enforcement. Or you can get information from the Office for Victims of Crime.




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