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Civil Rights leader dies

April 26, 2007

Albany - The woman known as the Mother of the Albany's Civil Rights Movement has died.

Similar to Rosa Parks, Ola Mae Quarterman refused to give up her seat on an Albany public bus to a white passenger in January 1962. She then refused to pay a fine and was jailed for 30 days.

Albany civil rights leader Charles Sherrod says Quarterman was never afraid to stand up for her beliefs. He said, "Her message was that 'I paid my money and this is my seat and I'm within my rights and I'm not going to move. Do what you've got to do.'"

Each year for the last seven years, Albany's mayor has proclaimed February 28th Ola Mae Quarterman day to honor her.

Quarterman's funeral will be held Saturday at 3 PM at Antioch Baptist church on Moultrie Road.



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