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State Patrol Jobs

April 26, 2007

Albany - The Georgia State Patrol is short about 200 troopers. That means fewer troopers are on the road patrolling and keeping you safe. Now, a massive recruiting initiative is underway to bring qualified people to the posts.

A job fair today at Darton College. Students looking to get ahead in life, maybe find a future career.

"I want people to be safe in the community," said Deric Currie. Deric wants to be a Trooper, and the State Patrol wants him to join the team.

"We're looking for some good people out there and I know there are still people who want to do this job," said Lt. Paul Casper.

Right now, Deric is too young. He's only 18 and the minimum age to be a Trooper is 21, but he says it won't be long until he's moving up the ranks. "I feel like being a state trooper," said Deric.

"It will lower some of the accidents, lower some of the people driving drunk, lower some of the people driving without a license, and I I want to be able to help the community neighborhood and also my state."

Recruiter, Lt. Paul Cosper says it's exciting seeing the right people interested in the job. "We have a lot of these hats, they come in a lot of sizes, but they don't fit everybody," said Cosper. But Deric says in a few years, that hat will be a perfect fit. "I was riding in Atlanta and I saw a lot of accidents and I want to stop some of those accidents." And help to keep you safe.

Trooper exams, for those interested in joining the State Patrol are being lined up around the state.

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