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As fire grows, little girl donates to firemen

April 26, 2007

Waycross-- The numbers are in and the Wildfire that's been raging in Ware County for 11 days in still growing and going strong. The fire has increased from 53,000 acres to 61,000. Most of that growth was in the Okefenokee Swamp and Wildlife refuge.

Foresters have been working since Tuesday night to contain that part of the fire and firefighters to protect the structures in it's path. Despite their hard work, they say containment is still 50 percent.

Winds are expected to increase today and tomorrow and they are hoping to get a handle on the blaze before the wind moves in and has a chance to fan the flames.

The good news is all the evacuation call has been lifted and all roads have been re-opened, except for the Okefenokee Swamp Park and Wildlife Refuge.

Hundreds of Firefighters and foresters have come from all over the country to fight the wildfire.

Donations keep pouring in for the firefighters and foresters who have been working 11 days to put out this massive wildfire, and today, firefighters got to meet one very special contributor.

Seven year-old Brittany Poole has been saving about $100 in her piggy bank for a trip to Disney World for her eighth birthday. But when she heard about the hard working firefighters and foresters battling this blaze, she decided a better way to spend her savings and donated it all to go towards food, water, and supplies to feed the 500+ working in Ware County.

What made her want to do it?  "Because they needed more than I did," said Brittany.

"When she called me and told me on the phone and told me she wanted to do that, I cried.  I cried," said her mother Kelly.  "It makes you feel good knowing you have a 7-year-old daughter  that doesn't care about toys and wants to make people feel good."

She says she has now started saving change and anything she can for her birthday in two months.

Firefighters are still touched that the donations are still coming from all over after so long.  They say the hard job of putting out this fire would seem longer and more painful without the help.

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