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Brothers stabbed during fight in Coffee County

April 25, 2007

Coffee County--  A Coffee County neighborhood is in mourning.  Law enforcement is investigating the murder of a man and the near death of his brother.  Family and friends say it was a fight horribly wrong.

People who live in the Sand Ridge or Oak Park area near Douglas say things will never be quite the same. "A lot of drama has been going on with them," said Mary Smith.

Around 1 p.m Wednesday afternoon, what neighbors call drama led to a fight at the intersection of Maple Street and Second Avenue. "It was like they've been picking on him all this morning, riding back and forth and picking at him," said Smith.

In the midst of the fighting, 25-year-old Ricardo Traylor was run over with a vehicle and stabbed. "The boy fell and they were stabbing him in his back and stuff," said Smith.

Ricardo's brother, 26-year-old Cortez Traylor tried to help his brother and was also stabbed several times. He ran behind a mobile home to get away. Family friend Mary Smith saw it all happen.

"J.J. Kept stabbing him and all kind of stuff and the boy kept saying will you please stop. J.J. Stop! That's enough," said Smith.

Cortez died from his stab wounds.   According to friends, it's a good person's life cut short.

"He was a sweet guy. Everybody gets along with him. He's just friendly with everybody. If somebody needs something, he's always there," said Smith.

Coffee County Sheriff's investigators quickly brought four people in, three men and a woman, for questioning. Relatives question why the whole thing happened.  Smith wishes she could have said goodbye.

"It's a hurting feeling but you know? We know God's watching over him," said Smith. She'll be praying for two brothers captured by photo in one of their last moments but now forever separated by violence.

Ricardo Traylor remained hospitalized Wednesday night in serious condition. Sheriff's investigators hope to file charges soon.  



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