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Homeless man bikes for Red Cross awareness

April 25, 2007

Thomasville-- Terry Hunter was living in Oregon when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Being 2,600 miles away didn't lessen the impact it had on his own life. "I thought to myself, Lord you've got to give my southern brothers and sisters some grace," says Hunter.

He decided he had to do something. Some homeless friends gave Hunter a bike. He started riding and hasn't stopped since.  "The third of next month I've been riding nineteen months straight," says Hunter proudly.

He's traveled through nine states and camped out on the side of the highway for over 700 nights.  All for one reason.   Hunter explains it's "to encourage the public, to donate to your local red cross, united way or non-profit organizations."

An unconventional method for P.R.-- but board members with the red cross's wiregrass chapter support Hunter's efforts 100%. "Sadly, people don't think of the red cross until they need us. So any word that can get out through any agency or any person, we appreciate," says Sam Brown, a board member. 

"This is something the average citizen can do," says Hunter.  Well, maybe not average, but certainly there are ways anyone can help.

"Obviously donations, and time. . .we need volunteers," says Chuck Weaver, another Red Cross Wiregrass Chapter board member.  Hunter's long journey has not been solo project the whole time.  For the last several months his dog Rita has been right there with him.  "She likes to get off and try and pull to help me up the hill and that little bit she helps, we make it up the hill. And that's a lot like what the American public can do to help the red cross," says Hunter.

"Thats what the red cross is all about, volunteering and helping each other," Weaver says. Hunter will wrap up his journey by early May when he reaches Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He won't be done with his mission yet though. Hunter plans to write a book, continuing to promote non-profit organizations.


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