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Check scam back in South Georgia

April 25, 2007

Newton-- We want to warn you about a common scheme to get your money that showed up again in south Georgia. A Newton woman got a letter in the mail Monday from Atlantic Lottery Corporation that said she won a sweepstakes in Canada.  

It said all Denise Young had to do was cash a check for more than four-thousand dollars and then send part of the money back to pay taxes. "You don't pay money to get money, and if it is a scam they need to stop, because I would hate to see some of our elderly people that may get this letter just fall for it, and lose everything they have worked for all their lives." Said Denise Young from Newton.

Young called the Y-M-C-A of Coastal Georgia whose name was on the check. They confirmed it is indeed a scam. If you get a similar check,  you should shred it and throw it away or turn it over to local law enforcement.  




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