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Audit could calm debt disagreement

April 24, 2007

Albany--  City commissioners hope to soon clear up any debt they may or may not owe Water Gas and Light-- and vice versa.

In his budget presentation to city commissioners, City engineer Bob Alexander said he anticipates energy costs from WG&L to go up about $200,000. But there's still a question of whether Water Gas and Light owes the city more than a million dollars for street lighting costs.

It's a disputed debt and Water Gas and Light has hired a 3rd party auditor to take a look.

"The results are something everybody's going to be ready to hear because I think there's a perception that monies are owed to the city and it's my understanding that the Water, Gas and Light commission is finding areas they think we should have been charged before and now they're going to start so those may be bones of contention," said Alfred Lott.

The independent audit should be complete by May 27th. WG&L will then have a joint meeting with the city to see who owes what. Bob Alexander says preliminary findings show it may just be a washout.



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