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WALB Tower starts to go up

April 24, 2007

Colquitt County -- WALB's new mega tower is going up.   The tower is being erected in Doerun near the site of the old tower that collapsed in June.

Tuesday morning the base, a 90 foot section of galvanized steel, was bolted into an 18 by 18 foot pad of concrete that will hold the one thousand foot mega tower for WALB and WFXL television stations. Then the huge crane started to add on top of the base 30 foot sections of tower.

There will be 12 sections added to the base to make the complete mega tower. Construction supervisors planned to put up the base and three additional sections today, rising to about 180 feet in the air. Guy wires will be attached Wednesday at about the 200 foot mark on the tower, as it continues to grow.

 A good start to what they say should be about two months of construction. Radian Construction Supervisor Derek Flynn said "we'll put them up one at a time. It's going up to about a thousand feet. We'll be here probaby about a month to get the tower up to the height, and then all the antenna and the other stuff to put on it."

After the mega tower is completed, four antennas will be positioned at the top.  A digital and analog antenna for each station will be housed at the top of the single structure, giving it a "T" shape.

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