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Attack on teenage girls may have lead to double shooting

Tavarius West is wanted for murder (Source: APD) Call 229-436-TIPS. Tavarius West is wanted for murder (Source: APD) Call 229-436-TIPS.

April 24, 2007

Albany --  Police are looking for 22-year-old Tavarius West. They say he shot 21-year-old Demetrius Vicks and 26-year-old Travis Vicks on Mulberry Avenue yesterday. Demetrius Vicks died.

Vicks' sister says her brother and uncle were protecting them from a group of men attacking them.  "A boy hit me, so I threw a board at the boy," says the victim's sister, Karrie Holton. "When I threw a board and hit that boy, he pulled out a gun and started shooting.  Then my brother got in front of me, and then that's when he got shot."

Family members say fights that started Saturday between teenagers and another group lead to last night's shooting on Mulberry Avenue that left Demetrius Vick dead, and his brother Travis Vicks wounded.

The victim's aunt, Sequoyah Covin said, "You just imagine a bunch of men jumping on your sisters, you gonna get involved, because it don't take no men for no girls.  But I called the Police twice Saturday and I be damned if Monday my nephew is in the street dead, two days later."

Sixteen-year-old Karrie Holton said the fights Saturday started because of an argument over a girl. Vick's family say they called Police twice Saturday because of the fights, that escalated Monday evening.

Covin said, "They tried to run this girl over, she walking to the store with her baby.  And it don't make no sense. Then one of them jumped out at her with a knife, and she's only 14."

Holton said that's when the Vicks brothers ran to help her. "My brother said ‘Run!', so we started running. By the time my brother turned around, he had got shot and just fell."

Holton says 22 year old Tavarius West, was the one who shot her brother.  Police have now issued murder warrants for him, saying he is a danger to the community. 

Demetrius Vicks' family gathered at his home to grieve today, just across the street from where he died after a weekend of violence.

Travis Vicks is hospitalized with a bullet wound to the leg.  If you have any information about Tavarius West, call CRIME STOPPERS at 436-TIPS.  Albany Police say he should be considered armed and dangerous.



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