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Water Restriction Rules

April 23, 2007

Albany - Apparently there's a lot of confusion out there about strict new statewide watering restrictions. So just when can you water your lawn and wash your car?

It's warming up outside, and your plants need extra hydration. But what are the rules? First and foremost, the state is in a level two drought, so no one can water between 10 AM and midnight on any day.

If you live at an odd numbered address, your watering days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Even numbered - Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. And you shouldn't water on Fridays.

Looks like we found Don Johnson breaking the rules, or did we? "Right now I just put ant poison down," said Johnson.  And because applying pesticide is one of the exceptions to the rule, he's allowed to water, just to get the ant poison into the turf.

Unfortunately, it's quite clear that Johnson has been following the rules. "It got hit hard," his said.  His yard still hasn't recovered from last summer.  There are brown spots and empty patches from where the grass simply died. "Big time frustrating," said Johnson.  "You spend the money and fertilize it and everything and you watch it burn up." And here's the bad news. "It's not calling for any rain soon."

But that doesn't mean you can just provide your own "rain" for your yard, but what about a vegetable garden? "They said if you had a garden, you could water," said Ella Miller.  And she's right. Miller's peas, okra, cabbage and bell peppers at the Weed and Seed Community garden are also excluded from the schedule. If you've planted veggies or fruit, you can water as need be. "It's been so dry," said Miller.  "Certainly has been dry."

What about washing your car? That's covered under the restrictions so you can only do it during your designated day and time. Unless you want to bring it to a professional car wash. They are excluded from the water schedule like other professionals who depend on water for their business.

Though Johnson certainly wishes he had a little more freedom himself. "It may recover," he said.  "I'll try." Try to bring back the yard he once had. Until then, he'll hope for rain and soon.

Some businesses are exempt from the water restrictions, such as pressure washing, landscapers watering freshly sodded grass, car washes, and others which depend on water for their livlihood. Vegetable gardens can be watered without restriction, and those who have their own well are also exempt.

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