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Life-saving cop wonders about baby's condition

April 23, 2007

Albany --  An Albany Police officer and two other people helped save a baby's life earlier this month.   Now they wonder what happened to the baby.

On April 4th, Lt. Kenn Singleton and Police Administrative Assistant Sebrena Haywood were talking in the parking lot behind the Police Department after work. A car with four hysterical women pulled up with a baby girl who wasn't breathing.     

Singleton began emergency care while Haywood and an officer's wife,  Lakisha Elder, called 911 and calmed the women down.     

Singleton got the baby breathing, but she was still unresponsive when paramedics rushed her to the hospital. "Sometime you get to the point where you wonder why am I in this.  But things like that is why you stay on," said Lt. Singleton.

Lt. Singleton says they never found out what happened to the baby.  The mother's name was Latoya Richardson, and the baby's name was Waynya Smith.  They're from Fitzgerald.      

He hopes someone will call the police department at 431-2100 and give them an update.


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