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Monday evening fire report cautiously optimistic

April 23, 2007

Ware County --  The Northwest edge of the fire that burned intensely Sunday has settled down today. It's giving foresters hope that they may be gaining ground on this fire in Ware County that's burned out of control for a week.

The Georgia Forestry Commission won't go as far as saying this fire is under control, but the news they were giving today about the fire's status was the best news in more than a week.

Forestry officials say the Northwest Edge of this fire near Maynor was burning so out of control yesterday they were dropping more loads of fire retardant and water from the air. Today, they have not needed as many air drops. Crews working the area today said conditions were improving as they executed a planned burn on one of the last patches of fuel. They say where the fire is spotting over hurts them the most.

Royce Davis, GA Forestry Commission of Seminole County, told us, "Just getting the fuel away from it, you got down to bare soil so that fire can't travel, course you still have those spot fires and that's what we have to work out and that's what these engines are able to take care of, those fires."

Crewmen were still cutting more breaks today and again strengthening the lines that were already cut.

There are still concerns about which way the winds are blowing and just how strong they may gust. This afternoon, the smoke hasn't been too bad in communities around Ware County.

This morning smoke was so thick in Atkinson, Clinch, and Ware Counties that classes were canceled for students. Decisions on Tuesday's classes will be made later tonight.



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