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Turner County High holds first integrated prom

April 21, 2007

Ashburn--One south Georgia high school has made a change after some decades, and some say it's long overdue.

Wednesday night Turner County High School held its first ever school-sponsored integrated prom in Ashburn.

We wish we could have taken you inside the event and shown you all the action; however, the principal banned our cameras from inside.

We can tell you approximately 150 students attended the event, and it was very much racially mixed.

In the past, the school has always held two separate proms--one for white students and another for black students.

The reason? Well, the school never sponsored a prom, so both races ended up having their own private ones.

Wednesday, they made history by changing that.

Students, the principal, and parents were happy to have everyone partying under one roof.

"It was interesting.  It's a good thing every body is trying to get together and settle our differences.  Color is not an issue anymore," says student, Robert Rios.

"Our parents have really supported this, and our kids are really having a great time.  That's what it's about which is making sure our kids have a good time," says principal, Chad Stone.

"This is a great deal to me. It looks like to me they should have been having it like this. I think it's a good thing they're doing it together," says parent, Lisa Holley.

The school's story has gotten national attention. People even started sending money to help fund the school's first racially mixed prom.

One military officer in Afghanistan donated $100 to buy prom tickets for four students.

The school plans to continue to have one prom for from now on.

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